January/February/March 2019


Tony Rolfe at speed in his FC Carbir DS3 at the John Stimm Memorial Season Final at Thompson . Photo: Robert Beaulieu

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Racer Retention Rate

Racing Personality:
Peter Schwartzott

Need For Speed:

Just How long is the Racer entrant timespan, an unofficial review of Racer Retention Rate by Robert Beaulieu

Northeastracer.com takes a look at the racing career of New York's, Peter Schwartzott, by Robert Beaulieu

Land Speed Record Attempts,
at Loring AFB In Maine
by Mike Maitem

A Near Victory at the Daytona 24

Short Shifts

Final Checker

NER Racer, Eric Curran, scores a second overall at the Daytona 24 hour Miscellaneous odds and ends about the Motorsports community Ed Givler, Gibson Stine, Stephen Utterback..RIP

The Runoffs at Sonoma, Part II

A personal report by Stephanie Funk on her season to the the SCCA Championship runoffs.

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Prelude to the Runoffs at Sonoma


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